The new Sporting Kansas City mural is complete, and it’s a good look for the Crossroads

  • It was time for change on the wall of 1712 Main.

After more than a week of painting, Boulevard Brewing and the Roasterie’s shared “hometown brews” ad/mural on the side of 1712 Main has been covered with a new mural promoting the Major League Soccer All-Star Game that Kansas City hosts July 31. At the risk of committing Kansas City beverage heresy, I think it’s a nice face-lift for the Crossroads.

The view from my desk overlooks the intersection of 17th Street and Main, and I’d estimate that over the last two years, two or three people walking down Main stop each week to pull out their phones and snap a picture of the old paint job. For whatever reason, people really liked the painting of a bottle of Boulevard and a mug of Roasterie. (I asked one longtime Kansas City resident how long the mural had been up. His response: “Forever.”)

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