The Nelle closes after six years in business

The Nelle store front empty after closing in Jan. 2023.

The Nelle’s old store front is empty after their permanent closure Jan. 31. // Photo by Sarah Moore

The Nelle, a space focusing on providing resources to women and LGBTQ+ folks in the Kansas City area, was reported to have its final day Jan. 31, according to Startland News.

The Nelle, located in the Crossroads Arts District, was a membership-based organization that created social events, arts programming, and gym classes to connect and motivate members. A gym, event space, and workroom were also available. With all of these amenities, the business was meant to be a “third space” for women and members of the LGBTQ+ community to network and feel empowered.

The company was founded by Lauren Merriman in 2017, after moving from Chicago and feeling there was a need for an inclusive space, like the Nelle, in Kansas City.

Merriman told Startland News that although the company was permanently closing, it accomplished its mission to bring a “safe space for inspiration and community” during its six years of business.

However, Merriman had to close the doors of the Nelle due to the “changing economic landscape.” All annual memberships that weren’t gift-based will be refunded.

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