The Morells

Slewfoot Records packages its bands ingeniously, tossing a handful of its acts onto bills and combining the steady drawing power of each group. This evening starts with Brian Capps, former bass player and tenor crooner for Domino Kings. Next up is Kristie Stremel (pictured), the label’s hardest-rocking heartstring player, whose songs of longing have fans swaying in the aisles midway through the first echoing guitar chord. Finally there’s the Morells, the members of which are the granddaddies of southeastern Missouri hill-country rock. (The band’s bassist, Lou Whitney, might be better known as the producer of almost every roots band that’s ever rolled through this five-state region.) Their most recent songs illustrate what Lieber and Stoller might have sounded like if they’d grown up in the Ozarks. This latest Slewfoot combo plate should have roots music fans licking the platter clean.

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