The Man On the Screen

OK, so maybe Pulitzer winner and renowned author Philip Roth won’t be personally stopping by Fairway anytime soon — the notoriously grumpy author doesn’t often stray far from the Eastern seaboard, after all. And yet tonight, in the placid Johnson County burg, you can see or even ask a question of Roth, the author of American Pastoral and Portnoy’s Complaint.For $26, you’ll get a copy of Roth’s new book, Indignation, and a spot at a video interview, conducted live from Roth’s Manhattan apartment, allowing a rare glimpse into the world and mind of the curmudgeonly novelist. Author Ben Taylor will ask most of the questions, but the audience at Rainy Day Books (2706 West 53rd Street in Fairway, 913-384-3126) will get its turn. For more information and to purchase an admission package, see

Tue., Sept. 16, 7 p.m., 2008