The Lord’s Work

Will and grace: I do not read the Pitch regularly. However, almost every issue I pick up, there is at least one letter bashing Christians and our belief system.

As a faithful Christian, I admit I’m a sinner and a hypocrite. Christianity isn’t about perfectionism; it is about grace. My past is far from pretty or perfect, but because of the love and grace of God, I am forgiven, not perfected.

I could relate to the gentleman who returned to church after three years but continued to feel anger and has not returned (Letters, September 2). When we focus on people, we miss the boat. People will disappoint us. I was raised in church and took a 180-degree turn away from it for over ten years. When coming back, I had to turn my focus on God, not what everyone else around me was doing. My church went through a terrible ordeal, and many people left, many not to return to any church. People will disappoint and sometimes hurt us, yet God promises never to leave us or forsake us.

I do support the Marriage Amendment, and it is not because I hate homosexuals. I believe God intended marriage to be between a man and a woman. I believe God intended children to have a mother and a father. With divorce being at an all-time high among heterosexual couples, what will happen among homosexual couples? What will happen with our children?

My prayers go out to all of you who “hate” for any reason. I pray my brothers and sisters in Christ will show others the love and grace which has been given to them.

Rhonda Timmons


Bush League

Swing set: I have some comments regarding C.J. Janovy’s piece regarding President Bush’s recent visit to Lee’s Summit High School (“Stump of Approval,” September 16). I heard not from the Bush-Cheney campaign but on KMBZ 980 that tickets for the event were being given away. Everyone was welcome. No requirement to have a Bush bumper sticker tattooed to your forehead. And Janovy mentioned an “invited audience.” That included her.

She mentioned that 200 “suburbanites” wrote, complaining that their school had been “hijacked” for a Republican pep rally. Did she know that the students at this school were given the opportunity to NOT attend? Telling young people to REGISTER to vote is a bad message? President Bush did not say register to vote AND VOTE FOR ME, did he? No. The sad part to me is that sure, most of the people at the event are supporters, but I would have loved to see the same number of undecided voters at this event. If they could walk away from this feeling like Janovy seems to is very unlikely. President Bush is an honest, genuine man of character and one that you KNOW where he stands, unwavered in his belief.

Invite the Bush-Cheney campaign to a rally in Swope Park — great idea! Seems the swing state Missouri has stopped swinging. One thing stands out to me: Keeping the student and faculty from seeing the president would be more wrong than what happened that sunny beautiful morning in Lee’s Summit.

Jeff Chancey

Kansas City, Missouri

Shop Talk

Body politic: Yo, Pitch, I’m sure you’ve seen me around. I’m a street dancer. Anyway, I jus’ wanna say thanx for that article y’all did awhile back on tha InfoShop (Nadia Pflaum’s “The Anarchists’ Datebook ,” August 5). It truly warmz my heart that y’all took tha tyme ta do that for my friendz. Alzo, thanx for x-posin’ all that Bushit when he came here (C.J. Janovy’s “Stump of Approval,” September 16).

Take care of yo’selvez & keep up tha good work. Peace2004j-wizz

James Hathorn

Kansas City, Missouri

Ad Up

Remote and controlled: Regarding Nadia Pflaum’s “Viewer Discretion Advised” (July 15): Television Preview has sent me a letter with the four tickets. I was excited about it until my coworker showed me the Pitch article she had remembered. I was really surprised that they still are doing the scam, if that’s what it actually is. I guess they aren’t actually scamming because they aren’t taking money. Just lying and false advertising, right?

If they are wasting our time, why not waste theirs? I thought about printing copies of the article and passing it out to people there, then being very talkative during the commercials or something so their research is disrupted.

Mike Smick

Kansas City, Missouri

Truth or DARE?

Are they on crack or what?: Regarding Nadia Pflaum’s “Buzzkill!” (September 2): I don’t have children yet. But when I do, I don’t want a police officer showing my child what drugs look like. To me, that really does pique their curiosity. Children are always wanting to do things, and showing them what they are does not keep them from trying them.

Keeping children busy with activities helps keep them from drugs. I would keep my child out of school on the days DARE came to the school, and I know family and friends who would do the same when their kids are of age for the DARE program. I have even heard that they have started having DARE in grades lower than fifth, which is younger than most think is appropriate. Yes, we know that some children are trying drugs starting at that age, but those that have never seen drugs should not be shown what they are and what to use them with.

I think that the DARE program is almost a teaching process for drug use. It has been a long time coming for the program to be changed a lot, starting with not showing children drugs.

Michelle Hall

Kansas City, Missouri

Cash Out

Fartsy artsy: Regarding David Martin’s Bi-State II sales tax stories (“The Season of Greed,” August 5; “What’s in a Name?” March 11), I would urge citizens to look at this as a big boondoggle. It is basically a subsidy for the powerful and privileged paid for by a tax on the everyday necessities of life.

This billion-dollar tax does nothing for schools, health care or the energy and environmental problems we face. A $450 million slush fund for the arts? Get real. Millions more tax dollars to subsidize King Carl Peterson’s lifestyle while he luxuriates in the huge federal tax breaks he got from his buddy Dick Cheney? No way.

Leaders, we can do better than this. Citizens, vote yourself a tax break — vote NO on Bi-State II.

Bill Roush

Overland Park, Kansas

Out of bounds: David Martin’s “The Season of Greed” (August 5) is too critical. Kansas City is going to upgrade and keep two fine sports stadiums. In spite of being a small market, Kansas City is going to host the National Football League and Major League Baseball for decades to come.

Paying 85 percent rather than 65 percent of the renovation costs would be a bargain at twice the price. Kansas City is fortunate to have Katheryn Shields, the Chiefs and the Royals.

Tom Lietz

Kansas City, Kansas

Screen Saver

Film stripped: I find it very disappointing that Scott Wilson was unable to review the Kansas International Film Festival in a more positive vein (“KIFF of Death ,” September 9).

I think that the selection(s) of films were quite interesting and diverse. There should have been something of interest to almost anyone who wanted to attend.

My question to Scott Wilson is this: Did he actually view any of the films being presented, or did he just make his judgment(s) based on exclusively negative reviews from other (so-called) critics?

I know he is entitled to his “opinion,” and we do enjoy such liberties as “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press.” But I think in taking the cynical-critic approach, he is trying to mimic a Rex Reed Syndrome of reviewing film.

Name Withheld Upon Request

No Reservations

Dream weaver: Last night, I flew in to Kansas City from Orange County, California, to visit my dad before I move to France. He left me the September 16 issue of the Pitch to read while he was at work, and so I did. And guess what made me drool? Charles Ferruzza’s “ Mimi’s Playhouse .” It sounded like a quirky place with unique food. (No more Chipotles, please! Whatever happened to independent business? Or regionalism?) And the description of Banh Bot Loc stuck with me.

I go to the My Dream Café, and the first thing Mimi says to me is, “You want the spring rolls?” No, I didn’t, and she suggested the day’s special. It was a five-piece sampler, with two Banh Bot Loc, two Banh Xef, Chao Ga, Banh Cuon, and Ban Cam. I was daunted by what sounded to be an immense number of pieces to eat, but with reasonable portions and enticing flavors and textures, it was no problem. The Banh Bot Loc and the Banh Cam (the crispy, sweet, bean-sesame dumpling) were fantastic.

So! Thank you for the article. Mimi, keep up the good work!

Lauren M. Rahn

Orange, California

A toast: Charles Ferruzza’s restaurant reviews are the best thing in the Pitch. Whether he likes the restaurant or not, the dining adventures of his entourage are always entertaining.

Mark Magers

Kansas City, Missouri

Mizzou Rah!
After another round of journalism-contest announcements last week, we have more braggin’ to do. In the 2004 Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Awards, a national contest put on by the University of Missouri-Columbia’s School of Journalism, the Pitch placed second in the overall General Excellence category for papers (daily and nondaily) with circulations between 50,001 and 100,000. In other categories rewarding a single winner and several finalists, former staff writer Joe Miller was a finalist in both the Multicultural and Series categories for his stories on the Central High School debate team (“War of Words,” May 1, 2003, and “Word War 2,” May 8, 2003).

Also, several Pitch writers recently won awards or honorable
mentions in the Missouri Press Association’s annual contest, in which
the Pitch competes against daily papers from across the state. Allie
Johnson earned third place in the Sports News category for her feature
“Hardball” (November 27, 2003) and honorable mention in the Best
News Story for “The Deepest Cut” (February 26, 2004). Former staff
writer Joe Miller took third place in the Best Story About Education
category for his series “War of Words” and “Word War 2” (May 1 and
May 8, 2003). Earning additional honorable mentions were Andrew Miller
in the Best Sports Feature category for “The Numbers Game” (July 17,
2003) and Ben Paynter in the Best Story — News or Feature category for
“Burn and Crash” (June 5, 2003).