The Legend of the Dookie Gold Rope

In addition to his beats, DJ Young Einstein is known for his 8-pound Dookie Gold Rope, which, according to legend, is an $80,000 chunk of metal (but we wouldn’t plot to ambush Ugly Duckling based on that rumor). Einstein claims that the gold chain has been worn by some of hip-hop’s biggest innovators, including Jam Master Jay and Afrika Bambaataa. “Back in the ’80s, the chain was the status symbol,” he tells us. “Now, when you watch rap videos, you see Bentleys.” So, to help you kick it old-school, Young Einstein has been nice enough to list his top five hip-hop accessories.

5. Fat shoelaces

4. Track suit

3. Shoes: Adidas or Puma

2. Kangol hat

1. 8-pound, $80,000 Dookie Gold Rope (of course)

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