The King of Empty Promises: Kevin McDonald of The Kids in the Hall talks to The Pitch



Comic actor Kevin McDonald began performing with Dave Foley as The Kids in the Hall in 1984. Some stuff happened, time passed, they met some guys and the group became larger, in both a literal and figurative sense. They wrote and performed their self-titled sketch comedy series from 1988 to 1995.

McDonald has played housewives, secretaries, insane bank robbers, satanists and one character in particular — the King of Empty Promises — whose dead, soulless delivery of seemingly sincere lines makes even the most straightforward dialogue hysterically funny:

The Kids in the Hall perform all-new material Thursday at the Uptown Theater. I had the opportunity to interview McDonald by phone. Recording of the interview posted below. Apologies in advance for my stupid voice. McDonald made up for it by being completely awesome.

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