The Kinetiks

The members of the Kinetiks firmly believe in the power of motion. With a rhythm section that demands ass shaking and vocals that vibrate with intensity, the Lawrence foursome bridges the gap between the catchy dance-pop of the ’80s and the acerbic alternative rock of the ’90s. Sparkling synthesizer and bouncing bass lines are punctuated with erupting guitars as frontwoman Spencer Goertz-Giffen belts out songs like she’s trying to summon the ghost of Sleater-Kinney. Taking a page from Kate Bush’s songbook, keyboard player Rani Waugh joins in with wordless chants and hoots as bassist Phil Gratz and drummer Jason Kniep pound out funky, dance-savvy beats. Released just this past December, the band’s new album, Science Is Magic, invokes the raw power of a Kinetiks live show, where the band’s talent — and vibrant energy — truly shines. 

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