The Killers

As good as some of the songs on Day & Age are, the Killers‘ third record seemed to elicit more shrugs than gushes. Perhaps it was the neo-Pet Shop Boys syrup of the first single, “Human,” or the squirrel-pelt shoulder pads that Brandon Flowers wore on Saturday Night Live. Either way, it wasn’t a half-bad album — probably a better one than Sam’s Town, actually. I mean, who can hate on the perfect Abba groove of “Joy Ride” or the sleazy samba of “I Can’t Stay”? A date with the Killers is like a trip to the group’s hometown of Las Vegas. You can’t expect the whole thing to work out, but it will certainly have its moments. Pack enough of them into a two-hour show and you’ll quickly understand why the Killers are in it for the long haul.

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