The Kids Are All-Right

Before Westport’s security was beefed up on weekends with menacing barriers, ID checking and charging a buck for entry, minors were free to roam the streets, even though they weren’t allowed in the clubs.
KC has never offered a cool, viable nightlife option for its restless youth. Luckily, hip-hoppers Joc Max and Miles Bonny, known collaboratively as Lindquist and Greer, are on their side.
On the last Thursday of every month this summer, Max and Bonny host Bassmint Sessions at the Grand Emporium (3832 Main, 816-531-7557), an all-ages event with live performances from KC’s best cut creators and MCs, as well as funk, jazz, soul and even an open-mic opportunity for the kids to show off their own skills. The event costs $5. See for details.
“Launch Mix” by The Innatesounds Crew:

Thu., June 28; Thu., July 26; Thu., Aug. 30