The Horrors and the Kills

Just when you’re sure the cathartic wail and supercharged sexuality of real, big-beat rock and roll has breathed its last, you suddenly become aware that it’s still alive. You can see it moving, discern its growl. And, fittingly, with middle fingers first coming from the U.K., the Horrors come into view. Clad in tight black clothes with unbelievable hairdos, these skinny monsters are screaming their way across the good old U.S.A. Unwilling to wait for the release of their upcoming second album, Primary Colours, this band said “screw it” and embarked on its conquering journey across the pond to bring us the terrible news. What news is that? That dark, sexy and scary secrets are still being told through guitars and drums in the hands of fed-up youth. Subtracting the last nail from the coffin, headliners the Kills are rabidly snatching iTunes slots with their come-hither vocals and electro-clash beats.

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