The Harlem Globetrotters are in Kansas City, Independence this weekend

Globetrotter Nation, are you ready for the 2015 Harlem Globetrotters world globe tour? Featuring Stretch Middleton (pictured),  the third-tallest Globetrotter to ever trot the globe (he’s 7 feet 4 inches)? Or Handles Franklin, who can dribble while lying on the floor (“That ball’s got to have invisible handles on it somewhere!”). Or Ant Atkinson, the little guy who holds the Globetrotters’ scoring record with 93 points in a single game, including 22 four-pointers (jump shots from 35 feet away)?

Word on the street is that the Washington Generals have fielded a strong team this year. “The infamous Washington Generals are more determined than ever to beat the Globetrotters,” according to the Independence Events Center website. “The Generals, the last team to beat the Globetrotters, are now coached by a former member of that 1971 team. They are on a mission and will do whatever it takes to win, with a new strategy that’s sure to give the Globetrotters a run for their money.”

You hear that? Get your bets in now. (There does not appear to be a YouTube clip online of that Simpsons episode in which Krusty loses all his money after betting against the Globetrotters and cries, “I thought the Generals were due!”)

The Globetrotters will take on the Generals three times this weekend in the KC area. 

On Saturday, they play at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Sprint Center. On Sunday, they’re at the Independence Events Center at 2 p.m. Tickets start at $20. More here

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