The Get Up Kids

Jim Suptic of the Get Up Kids inadvertently caused a media firestorm back in July when he jokingly apologized for his band’s role in creating emo music — the interview with Drowned in Sound was seized upon by Rolling Stone and the UK’s Guardian. If you’ve logged on to MySpace within the past three years, you know exactly what he’s talking about. But let’s not forget that there was a time when bands such as the Get Up Kids, the Promise Ring, Braid, and Sunny Day Real Estate were breaking ground as young punk bands that grew into awesome, grown-up rock bands. There won’t be any need for apologies as the reliably energetic Lawrence fivesome winds down its reunion tour with two shows at RecordBar — though it might get a tad emotional at the end of the second night. Proceeds from both nights will go to the Anne Winter family fund.

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