The Get Up Kids, Giants Chair, Flare Tha Rebel, and more of this month’s finest local music videos

This month’s set of visually enticing local music videos features Flare Tha Rebel tackles code-switching, the Get Up Kids meeting up with Lou Barlow, Giants Chair diving into the past (and returning with a new record), and MB58 kicking it on an airplane wing—among other stunners.

Flare Tha Rebel, “Fuh Wit’ Me”

As a member of hip-hop collective Anti-Crew, Flare Tha Rebel made quite an impact on the Kansas City hip-hop scene. After making the leap from KC to Chicago in the late ’00s, he’s now back—and he has a brand-new single, “Fuh Wit’ Me.” The video, shot by Viewpoint Visuals with creative direction by Jeff Shafer, “tackles the concept of code switching and the duality people of color often juggle in the workplace.” Think of it as a serious take on Weird Al’s “All About the Pentiums.”

The Get Up Kids, “Lou Barlow” 

Directed by Kerstin Ebert and filmed at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom, this latest video from the Get Up Kids’ most recent album, Problems, actually features the Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. frontman attempting to find his way into the band’s NYC show. It turns out that the Get Up Kids and Barlow were both in New York on the same day, so they knocked the video out together. “I acted the shit out of that,” Barlow says in a press release, and the Get Up Kids’ Matt Pryor agrees: “When we saw how much he put into the video, we were floored. He was amazing.”

The Get Up Kids’ next area show is opening for Dashboard Confessional at the Truman on Sunday, February 23. Details on that show here.

Maal & Richman, “Enemy of God” feat. EU1OGY

A nihilistic view of society, “Enemy of God” looks and sounds like a real-life version Ho99o9’s “City Rejects.”  It’s cinematic in scope, alternating between street-view life and interior SWAT raids, all the while annihilating your eardrums with a percussive blast. I’m pretty sure this is the sound of the apocalypse.

The Moose, “Through the Rainbow”

One of two songs on the Moose’s 2019 single (the other is “Bell-Bottom Trees”) “Through the Rainbow” is a jangle-pop, folk-flavored jam the likes of which hasn’t been heard in these parts since Rev Gusto wandered off a few years back. The video’s a lysergic delight a la Tim & Eric and features everything from the band pruning and potting plants to playing in the middle of a woodland glen. I’m not saying you should take a dose of mushrooms and watch this on infinite repeat. But I’m also not advising against it.

The Moose’s next show is at the Replay on Saturday, December 14, with the Sluts and Not A Planet. Details on that show here.

Giants Chair, “Kids Running” 

The first video from Giants Chair’s new album, Prefabylon, features current footage of the band playing live, interspersed with tour footage from the band’s first rodeo, nearly 25 years ago. In an essay for Talkhouse, Giants Chair frontman Scott Hobart talked about his discomfort with nostalgia: “Like one of my early songwriter heroes, Bob Dylan, I don’t want to look back. I don’t want to tempt my mid-life fate getting wistful or woeful about the ‘good ‘ol tour days.’ But I’m sitting here with these tapes whirring in this borrowed TV/VCR combo because, after all these years, this band is desperate to find some footage to help us pull together some kind of music video by the end of this adult work week.”

The video’s damn good, and so’s the record, and it’s out now via Spartan Records. You can snag Prefabylon from Spartan Records’ webstore.

DWalk, “Bummin” feat. Daduworld 

DWalk’s video for “Bummin” is surprisingly chill for starting off by literally popping bottles and flashing bills. It’s the rapper and his crew hanging out at the Westport Media Collective offices, shooting pool and recording this single, and I like the juxtaposition of the big goals lyrics with the down-to-earth realness of just kicking back. It’s not flashy, by any means, but it’s certainly real.

MB58, “Never Had”

Director Black Palms has created a video that’s like a dream sequence from a ’90s Nickelodeon kids’ show. Whether it’s All That or Clarissa Explains It All might depend on where you were, age-wise, during the decade. The cartoony backgrounds and bare-bones setpieces—complete with a “Now we return to the Midstate Bunch” voiceover on top of a tracking-beset VHS intro—tie into the idea that sitcoms and TV shows present kids with a bunch of aspirational things, hence MB58’s wishing, I want shit that I never had.

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