The Get Up Kids, Bummer, Radkey, and more of the latest must-see local music videos

We’re refusing to do anything other than watch videos on our various devices this week. The Labor Day holiday is approaching, and we’re basically just looking forward to listening to some tunes, drinking very cold beer, and cooking food with fire. Join us as we slack our way toward a three-day weekend with metal, stoner rock, hip-hop, and pure old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll in the latest Cine Local.

Existem, “Descent” 

Off the Kansas City metal band’s new album, Mantle, this song walks a fine line between radio-friendly hard rock and the more technical aspects of death metal. It’s heavy, but not too heavy, and catchy, but not too poppy. The video’s also sunlit and hazy as if it’s an indie rock song, but still manages to be uncomfortably ominous.

You can hear Mantle on Bandcamp

Existem opens for Ne Obliviscaris and Gourmand at the Riot Room on Thursday, October 4. Details on that show here

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Bummer, “Fred Savage 420” 

Bummer’s got their debut LP out on Learning Curve Records, and it looks like the label gave them a whole $50 to make this video for “Fred Savage 420.” It’s a great introduction to the band’s aesthetic — weed, goofing around, weird shit, heavy riffs — as well as a primer as to what you’ll hear on Holy Terror. If this wasn’t shot on the crappiest camcorder the band could possibly find, I’ll eat my hat.

You can hear Holy Terror in full on Bandcamp

Bummer plays the White Schoolhouse in Lawrence this Saturday, September 1, with Celebration and Chess Club. Details on that show here

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Dame, “SSS” 

A new video from Kendu the Stampede for the first cut off Dame’s new project, Southside Superstar. It’s loose and laid-back, a natural track-one vibe. It’s like, “Are you ready for some new shit?” Like Dame says, his new shit’s gonna be “doubly hard,” so this is just a way to warm you up and get you excited. It works.

You can hear Southside Superstar in its entirety on Soundcloud

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Radkey, “Basement” 

August 3

Richie, Ross and Joel — the Radkey cats — are the real stars of this video for the band’s new song, “Basement.” The band’s rocking out, but the cats are the ones really having adventures. I like to think the lyric Hanging out with my friends in the basement is more about the cats hanging out with each other than anything that Dee, Sol, and Isaiah might do, because that sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Also, I’m pretty sure the Radke brothers are exactly the trio that would write a chill-ass rock song about their cats.

Radkey headlines KKFI’s Crossroads Music Fest on Saturday, September 8. Details on that show here

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Foghorn, “Basement Bugs”

I love this. Alex Manriquez and Ethan Weeks are the duo Foghorn. They’re recent Olathe Northwest graduates, and the explanation for “Basement Bugs” goes like this: “Alex had a dream that we made an album called Basement Bugs, and it went crazy and everyone loved it and it made us famous, but we didn’t want to make a whole album, so here’s a song we called ‘Basement Bugs’ in hopes that it’ll go crazy and make us famous.”

It sounds like Ween if they didn’t get messed up in heroin, and I mean that in the best way possible.

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Arson Class, “Brand New City” 

Anyone who’s ever shot live footage of a really loud band knows that, when the bass kicks in, it’ll literally vibrate the camera lens and cause the image to ripple. I don’t know if that’s what’s going on here, or if it’s just been added in post, but damn if it doesn’t make this cut from Arson Class’ self-titled EP seem like it’s blasting your screen with its start-stop riffage.

You can stream the EP, as well as their new one, American Machine, on Bandcamp

Arson Class opens up for The Brass and The Uncouth at Minibar on Saturday, September 8. Details on that show here

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The Get Up Kids, “I’m Sorry” 

A bunch of kids get revenge on the Get Up Kids for slights done to them over the course of a summer in this, the latest video from the recent Get Up Kids’ album Kicker. The performance part of video was shot at the White Schoolhouse in Lawrence, and the band invited 100 friends, family, and assorted lucky people to come hang out. We drank so much beer from Free State and Lawrence Beer Co. that they had to get more. The band played through “I’m Sorry” three times in a row, then rocked out a set of classic tunes. You can see the back of my head for about half a second, even.

The Get Up Kids play the Record Bar with Remember Sports on Thursday, November 8. Details on that show here

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