The Gaslights

“16 Addresses,” by the Gaslights, from16 Addresses (Church Mouse Music):

The past 18 months have dealt the Gaslights a bum hand: an album scrapped because of band defections, a van-totaling moose, and carpal-tunnel surgery for drummer Glen Hockemeier. By the time the Kansas City band finally hit the studio in September, the only thing left to do was channel enough piss and vinegar to justify the hardscrabble journey. Judging by the LP’s first two singles (“Last Dollar” and “Silver Ring,” downloadable on the group’s MySpace page), 16 Addresses is going to be just that: a Sturm und Drang purgefest of a record informed by first-name country icons such as Loretta, Lucinda, Waylon and Willie. With barroom-silencing singer Abigail Henderson leading the charge, the band’s upcoming European tour should burn all the right bridges.

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