The Foundry Field Recordings

The Foundry Field Recordings isn’t the most prodigious of indie-rock bands. But the group from Columbia, Missouri, makes up in quality and consistency what it lacks in quantity. Its 2006 full-length, Prompts/Miscues, and its follow-up 2007 EP, Fallout Station, earned the band critical support and an ever-widening local and national fanbase. The Foundry sound leans heavily on shoegaze indie-pop while occasionally reaching outward to the fuzzy guitars, blurring feedback and drawn-out vocals of experimental Pink Floyd. These are oceans of sound in which singer Billy Schuh swims with adolescent energy and naked adult nostalgia. When Foundry isn’t pushing against its own genre, as on “Battle Bridgades Part II,” it’s creating crisp harmonies that sway with visceral emotion and spiritual curiosity. 

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