The Found Footage Fest goes down at RecordBar this Saturday, Drop a Grand performs

Hey, remember VHS? Those spectacular rectangles that you so carefully cataloged as a kid, the boxes and boxes they occupied? And then along came DVDs. Your parents probably resisted the increasingly necessary hardware upgrade. Oh, the ’90s. But if you’re the nostalgic type, and you’ve kept a few of your most cherished cartoons on tape, then the Found Footage Fest is just your kind of party.

Started 10 years ago in Wisconsin and Minnesota, the FFF is now based in New York City and is on the road with Volume 7. Saturday night at RecordBar, prepare for nearly two hours of funny clips from VHS videotapes recovered from spots around the country — warehouses, garage sales, dumpsters. Afterward, the always entertaining Drop a Grand performs.

Details here. 

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