The Fiery Furnaces

“Ex-Guru” by the Fiery Furnaces, from Widow City (Thrill Jockey):

What took this NYC bro-sis outfit so blasted long to get into the live-album game? The mad-genius, labyrinthine-indie Pop-Tarts that Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger bake in the studio turn willy-nilly when they hit the stage, stretched like salt-water taffy or rudely squished into baffling, near-unrecognizable arrangements and styles making for some perfect posting fodder for tape-recorder-equipped bloggers. While the Fiery Furnaces‘ two-disc set Remember full of giddily revisionist highlights from last year’s touring behind Widow City will finally remedy this injustice, that’s no excuse to skip out on tonight’s medley-strewn display of deconstructionist derring-do.

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