The Eagles took it to the limit at T-Mobile Wednesday night

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Eagles. // photo by Chris Ortiz

It is hard to say what the best setlist would be by a single band. First, one would have to make sure that the band even has a set list worth an hour or longer to sit back and pay money to go see. Next, what kind of venue is that band and their set list worthy of? Are we talking about some 45-person venue or a 19,000-seater, where the entire audience breaks out in a three-hour sing-along? If it is the second option for you, then this Wednesday night’s performance by the Eagles at the T-Mobile Center is where you should have been.

The band, celebrating the 50th anniversary as a group, played their hit album Hotel California from cover to cover, took a slight break, and then came back out on stage and played almost every one of their hits that were not on the album, and bonus highlights from their solo careers.

When Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Tim Schmit, Steuart Smith and the newest member of the group, country legend Vince Gill—who joined the band back in 2017 after the death of founding member Glenn Frey—took the stage, everyone knew that they were in for an amazing night. With stories from Walsh, who had just celebrated his 75th birthday a few days earlier, informing the audience that he was “born right across the river…in Wichita, which is not a bad place to be born.”  He “never thought I’d live this long.” Playing off his songs “In The City,” “Life’s Been Good,” and “Rocky Mountain Way,” with Don Henley’s solo classic “The Boys of Summer” and a very special guest appearance of non-other than Deacon Frey (son of Glenn) to take over lead vocals and guitar on songs like “Take it Easy” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling” left the crowd raving for more.

The three-hour show left nothing left to be desired. There was a full orchestra situated on the back of the stage for the songs “Take it To The Limit” and “Desperado,” and a light show that was second to none.

The show felt deeply personal, not just because of the amps on the stage, and despite the large video camera boom arms swinging every which way from the sides of the stage and the rails on the front of the stage, but because of the fact that everyone became your friend there. You were encouraged to sing along with every word, to dance, and enjoy the show. This was partly thanks to a policy that didn’t allow the audience to film, photo, or audio record the show (heavily enforced by security), but it made the crowd be in the moment. In my opinion, all for the better.

Eagles setlist
Hotel California
Hotel California
New Kid in Town
Life in the Fast Lane
Wasted Time
Wasted Time (Reprise)
Victim of Love
Pretty Maids All in a Row
Try and Love Again
The Last Resort

Greatest Hits
Seven Bridges Road (Steve Young cover)
Take It Easy
Peaceful Easy Feeling (Jack Tempchin cover)
One of These Nights
Take It to the Limit
Witchy Woman
In the City (Joe Walsh song)
I Can’t Tell You Why
Lyin’ Eyes
Tequila Sunrise
Life’s Been Good (Joe Walsh song)
The Boys of Summer (Don Henley song)
Funk #49 (James Gang cover)
Heartache Tonight

Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh song)
Already Gone (Jack Tempchin cover)
Best of My Love

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