The Drunk Dial Hotline

I make no secret of my love for Denver’s Suburban Home Records, as well as their record distro Vinyl Collective. However, at this time, I’m not going to discuss the music side of the business, but rather the way Suburban Home has contributed to drinking.

The label recently began pairing beers with albums to enhance the listening process, with the first a pairing of Kay Kay & His Weather Underground‘s self-titled album and Dogfish Head Brewery‘s raspberry ale, Fort. Personally, I recently began pairing a 6 pack of Boulevard Wheat with a stack of Dr. Demento compilations.

They also offer shotgunators, which are a combination bottle opener and tab opener, as well as a shotgun opener for beer cans.

And, lastly, they have the Drunk Dial Hotline. You put the number for the Hotline in your phone, and when you get wasted and feel like calling someone, avoid annoying your ex-girlfriend, co-worker, friend, or parents and call the Hotline. Virgil and the good folks at Suburban Home will listen to all the calls and post the best ones for everyone to hear. You could be Internet famous!

Now, while we here at Wayward Blog don’t encourage drinking to excess, we do find ourselves terribly amused by the behavior of those who’ve overly imbibed. So, if you find yourself wasted and in need of someone with whom to speak, call 303-800-6384. Listen to some of the recent greatness in the little widget below.

Suburban Home’s 14th Anniversary Tour with Austin Lucas, Two Cow Garage, and Mike Hale hits the Bottleneck on September 10.

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