The Download: New RJD2 MP3s

RJD2 may have lost a few hardcore hip-hop followers when he opted for a pop approach to The Third Hand, but he’s looking to bounce back in 2009. Last month, he posted this on his MySpace blog:

“I can now tell you with virtual certainty that this will happen. It’s very near to completion. Once all the business is sorted, I should have an idea of exactly when in 2009; I will eat my hat and buy you all Dr. Peppers if I do not make this goal. It’s got some exciting guests from here and from there. Will report back with details when I have them.”

I’m inclined to believe him. You don’t bullshit about Dr. Pepper. Mr. Pibb, maybe. While we wait for an update, Always Hustle has posted a few new tracks that recently surfaced. Fans of RJ’s Deadringer and Since We Last Spoke albums should be pleasantly surprised.

MP3: RJD2, “Song For You” (via zShare)

MP3: RJD2, “Time Has the Final Word” (via zShare)

MP3: RJD2, “Morning Break” (via zShare)

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