With eight members in the band, all of whom appear on the album’s cover frolicking in a grassy field, The Daybirds would appear to be a Grateful Dead-type ensemble, in touch with the earth and ready to jam. However, when instrumental opener “Welcomer,” which features a Sgt. Pepper-style trumpet salvo, leads into the heavenly harmonies of “All You Need is Time,” it becomes obvious that this group favors another legendary ’60s outfit. The influence of The Beatles is everywhere, from the bouncy pop melodies to the psychedelic touches to the “ooh ooh” and “na na” background vocals. “She Ran Away” and “Nothing” offer perfect examples of the band’s upbeat sound, while “So Here We Are” and “Brother” prove that The Daybirds can succeed with slow, somber songs too. This consistently above-average 18-track effort establishes The Daybirds near the top of the local pop pile, and hopefully some of the Fab Four fans who dutifully take in shows by Beatles cover bands will also pack clubs to see a group that plays original songs in the same vein.

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