The Conversation


First rule is, don’t mess with Texas. Second rule is, there’s gotta be more than one man in the band for it to be called the Conversation. But because the first rule is usually enforced by a barrelful of buckshot in the ass, and because we’re not picking shards out of our Fruit of the Looms again, El Paso native Jared Putnam can call his solo project any damned thing he wants. Putnam has been rocking ever since he could shave, first with the hard-rock band Mojo, then with Level and finally with the Conversation. When his fellow band members decided to move to Tijuana to sell insurance and hookers (significantly, in that order), Putnam kept the name and headed out solo. Truth be told, we don’t know what happened to the other band members. We’ve also never taken a barrelful of buckshot in the ass, mostly because we run pretty damned fast and can execute a dipsy-doodle fake like nobody. We do know, though, that Putnam — along with the alternative dark folk of Southerly (pictured) — is pulling into this neck of the woods with his indie-rock driven show.

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