The Common Good Fund alleviates financial strain for families and victims of gun violence

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KC Common Good hosts press conference about new community fund. // Courtesy of CRUX KC

Increased violence and homicide rates in Kansas City over the past two years have spurred recent action from local nonprofit KC Common Good. The organization has launched funding to support families suffering the loss of a loved one to violence.

Beginning March 1, the Common Good Fund will assist in covering funeral costs for households affected by gun violence, supporting up to $5,000 per request. So far, anonymous donors have contributed approximately $250,000 in financial resources.

KC Common Good works to address the root causes of local violence. The group strives to create a community where all individuals are given access to safety and growth opportunities. The nonprofit works in situations of domestic abuse, returning incarcerated citizens, mental advocacy for veterans, and other critical areas.

“We must act with the urgency that is called for in a crisis. The State of Missouri offers limited aid and compensation for this kind of loss, so it often comes down to the victims’ families to compensate for funerals,” says KCCG President Klassie Alcine. “We want the community to know they have a trusted local organization they can reach out to for help, and so far, we’ve witnessed the unique dynamic of a community in need stepping up so they can continue to pay it forward through the Common Good Fund.”

The Common Good Fund was conceptualized by an advisory board as well as KCCG’s referral partners, Ad Hoc Group Against Crime and KC Mothers in Charge.

“This fund will take away some of the financial burden of burying loved ones and give people in need the freedom to grieve,” says Rosilyn Temple, Founder and Executive Director of KC Mothers in Charge.

The incentive marks substantial progress within the community. Ad Hoc Against Crime and similar operations frequently receive requests for financial compensation to offset funeral costs.

The fund highlights the lack of resources often faced by families in harm’s way. Victims of violence often do not have access to life insurance, savings, or generational wealth needed to cover funeral costs. The investment not only secures vital assistance but raises awareness of building these important resources in afflicted communities.

To be eligible for the Common Good Fund, the crime must have been committed within the Kansas City metropolitan area, reported to the proper authorities, and a request must be received within six months of the incident. The arrest and/or conviction of a suspect is not necessary.

Donations to help sustain the fund should be sent to:

KC Common Good
1100 Rockhurst Road
Kansas City, MO 64110

Contributions can also be made via PayPal. Applications for families to apply for funeral assistance can be found online.

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