The Closer You Get

One can just imagine the dialogue at a preproduction meeting for this Irish comedy from the producer of The Full Monty: “It’ll be so quaint!” “People will really respond to the quirky charm of these Irish bumpkins.” “It’s a cross between Waking Ned Devine and The Matchmaker. It can’t miss.” Ian Hart, best known for portraying John Lennon in Backbeat, plays Kieran O’Donnagh, a single butcher in a tiny Irish coastal village. Along with a handful of his horny bachelor buddies, he concocts a scheme to attract American girls to their rural hamlet. They place an ad in the Miami Herald asking for visitors to attend the local dance and anxiously await the resulting influx of young American babes. Naturally, the local gals don’t care much for their plan. First-time director Aileen Ritchie emphasizes the colorful characters in this extremely low-key script by William Ivory. The cast is likable, but Ritchie’s pacing is terribly slow. Charm can take you only so far. The end result of everyone’s effort is a sweet, but slight, trifle of a movie. (PG-13) Rating: 4

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