The Clocks

We have a lot of time metaphors to work with here. Let’s see … the Clocks have stopped? Maybe. The Clocks are running late? Perhaps. The Clocks are almost out of time? Keep talking. But first, we have to turn back the clocks to 1983. Reagan is in the White House munching jelly beans and mumbling incoherently. Ah-nold is Conan the Barbarian, not Conan the Republican. Pac-Man is totally rad. And there’s a little upstart cable network called MTV. Back in the “Video Killed the Radio Star” days, the Clocks were hot property. The Wichita quartet burned up the airwaves with “She Looks a Lot Like You” before fizzling and flaming out. Now, twenty years later, the band is ticking again with a new album of old faves, live recordings and unreleased tracks, as well as a record of all-new material to be released next year. Ah, you can turn back time, if for only this CD release party. Don’t forget your Risky Business Ray-Bans. Tighty-whities optional.

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