The Chiefs are headed to AFC victory, sea turtle authorities report

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In between eating veggies and playing, SEA Life Aquarium resident turtles Shawny and Lou made time to predict a Chiefs win for the AFC Championship. // Image courtesy of SEA LIFE Kansas City’s Turtle Rescue Center

The sea turtles have spoken. We have a Chiefs win in our future.

Shawny and Lou, sea turtle residents of SEA LIFE Aquarium, have picked the Kansas City Chiefs as their predicted winner for the AFC Championship on Sunday. They did so through a rigorous process of choosing between two lettuce filled feeding balls, each sporting the logo of one of the two AFC Championship contenders.

Between the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills, Shawny and Lou teased the idea of choosing the Bills before inevitably going for the Chiefs. Sorry, Buffalo.

If this prediction comes true, the turtles will predict another winner for the Super Bowl LV in two weeks.

Be on the lookout for that.

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