The Brim will host your wedding for free; expands into a larger event space

Chapel Reverse2The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means for happy couples: new engagements and the excitement of wedding planning. The Brim is a new low-cost wedding venue located at 14150 NW Walker Rd, Kansas City, MO 64163. 

Kelsie and her husband Aaron Kleinmeyer are the owners and dreamers behind it all. They believe weddings should be affordable, memorable, and that everyone behind the scenes should consider each one to be the most important knot-tying yet.

Brim offers free ceremonies with Cake & Toast Receptions and full receptions all at affordable prices so that they’re a viable option for everyone in the KC community. The owners like to believe they place more value on the happy couples entering the next chapter in their life rather than focusing on revenue.

As many happy couples took a leap into the next chapter of their lives this year, so too did The Brim. Kelsie and Aaron recently finalized a contract to build a wedding chapel next spring that is scheduled to be completed on June 15, 2021. The chapel will be a white building with large, glass roll-up doors to reveal the full outdoor scenery. 

Interior Angle2 (1)

The Brim also offers anniversary celebrations and other special events. In addition to building the new wedding chapel, they have begun growing grape-vines for a vineyard. The Kleinmeyers have 16 acres of land to fulfill their dreams: one being a wine tasting room and, of course, an indoor reception area in the near future. 

Information about pricing, packages, and more can be found on The Brim’s website, or follow the @thebrimkc to see event photos.


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