The Boxing Lesson

If the recent glut of paint-by-numbers psychedelic bands has left anyone in a state of permanent no, thanks, there’s hope on the horizon in the form of the Boxing Lesson. Even though the group’s name implies a sonic pummeling, listeners won’t be greeted by the sort of pounding drums and chugging guitars that are standard among many neo-psychedelic bands. Instead of musical uppercuts and haymakers, audiences should expect to be dazzled with the band’s musical version of the sweet science. Keyboard flourishes and slow-building arrangements punctuate the Austin-based quartet’s dreamy and tuneful psychedelic sound. The instrumental passages are never self-indulgent, and lead vocalist Paul Waclawsky’s vocals have just enough Ozzy-in-Sabbath muscle to them on the band’s slower songs to make even the most prudish listener take notice.

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