The Archons

Kansas City has lost many musicians to the Left Coast, including two members of KC group the Hearers: Marc Tweed and Jeff Doom. Tweed nested with his new wife in San Francisco, and Doom ended up farther south in San Diego. He’s no longer interested in making the spacey, ambient sounds of his other former band, Transdimensional Doorway, or in the country-flavored fare of the Hearers. Instead, Doom’s Archons are a knock-you-on-your-ass aural onslaught of pure, unrelenting metal, which features yet another former local rocker, Scott Driscoll of beloved noise band Black Calvin. The trio is in town to record an LP with another of the Hearers, David Moore. The Archons’ thunderous drum-and-guitar action will probably make even the most hardcore dudes’ ears bleed, so bring your earplugs.

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