The ACB’s

“You Did It Once” by the ACB’s:

There are at least three tenets all fresh fellows in power-pop bands must follow if they don’t want a pack of starved, rabid wolves released on their skinny, tight-jeaned asses. First, thou must deliver short but sweet songs laden with punchy guitar hooks. Second, all lyrical content must concern only girls, girls, girls. Third, when singing about said girls, if thy boys aren’t backing thee up with plenty of oooohs, ahhhhhs and la-la-las, then it’s to the outer darkness with ye. Luckily for local boys the ACB’s, their self-titled debut satisfies to the letter. Singer and guitarist Konnor Ervin coos and hollers like a young, unfettered Rivers Cuomo, even evoking falsetto on the sexy, Spoonish track “Sometime.” Although the songs bubble over with handclaps and borderline-cheeseball guitar riffs, the lyrics reveal that Ervin ain’t singing about Girl Scouts. They’re the reckless but irresistible sort that make you sleep in and miss work, compromise your standards and do drugs. On closing track “Rulo,” Ervin pleads over and over, I want a girl who can rock and roll. But who knows — maybe this shiny, happy pop music will attract a nice, churchgoin’ girl who impresses the folks and won’t steal your shit.

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