The ACBs’ ‘Be Professional’ is your Crossroads Summer Block Party song of the day

The third annual Crossroads Summer Block Party is going down this Friday, June 6, and there’s a handful of well chosen acts in the lineup. Chances are, you’re familiar with some of these local favorites, but in case you’re not, we’re counting down to the end of the week with a “song of the day” from one of the bands.

Everybody in town knows the ACBs. They are the lo-fi pop darlings who came before Shy Boys (and carried over some members), the harmony masters who will get even the stiffest body moving and swaying. Lead singer Konnor Ervin carries a permanent teenage quality in his voice – something not quite innocent but still believably sweet. For this “song of the day” installment, we wanted to dig out one of the old gems. “Be Professional” is from the ACBs’ debut full-length, Stona Rosa, from 2011. 

The Crossroads Summer Block Party is a free event. For more information and to view the lineup, go here

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