The Abracadabras first and last video: “An Argument”

This Friday, October 23, the Abracadabras come back from the defunct to play their farewell show and to show this new video. Directed by Zac Eubank, the video is for “An Argument,” from the once-popular local band’s only release, Be Still, Be Cool. Its central theme is lead singer John Nixon in a sweaty, understated, Hypercolor spazz out. Honestly, I kinda wish it had the whole band in it rocking out, because those guys were so interesting to watch. But, as Geordi LaBurton would say, you don’t have to take my word for it…

An Argument -The Abracadabras from Zac Eubank on Vimeo.

Show info: The Abracadabras, with Jessica’s Box and the Noise FM. Friday, October 23, at Czar Bar.

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