The 5 intersections issuing the most red-light tickets

The red-light cameras at 39th and Southwest Trafficway flash drivers more than any of the 16 other cameras.

Kansas City Police Chief Jim Corwin released a report on his blog showing that overall, fewer tickets are being issued (although the cameras at 27th and Southwest Trafficway saw a 60 percent spike from when they were activated in June 2009).

Here are the five intersections issuing the most tickets (between January 10 and March 31).
1. 39th and Southwest Trafficway — 1,641 tickets issued
2. 59th and 71 Highway —1,238 tickets issued
3. Red Bridge and 71 Highway — 1,131 tickets issued
4. Gregory and 71 Highway — 1,000 tickets issued
5. 55th and 71 Highway — 992 tickets issued

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