The 2009 Pitch Music Awards Nominees Announced!

Ladies and gentlemen, the wheat has been separated from the chaff, the cream has been skimmed from the top, and the nominees for the 2009 Pitch Music Awards have been chosen.

Because we are insanely in love with the scene and wanted to cover as wide an array of local awesomeness as possible, we upped the size of the ballot from16 categories last year to 21 this year, for a total of 126 nominees (30 more than last year).

And, as is always the case year after year, there are many local acts — new and old — deserving of spots on the ballot and, for whatever reason, were not included this year. But we think this is a pretty damn good roundup.

Here’s the link for online ballot: VOTE!

Vote for your favorite from each of the categories (or just the ones you know) or by mailing in the printed ballot that is appearing each week in The Pitch until August 6, the night of our live-band extravaganza in Westport. We don’t have the schedule completely finalized, but as of now it will feature somewhere around 30 different acts across the Riot Room, the Beaumont, McCoy’s and the Foundry. Wristbands for the showcase are $5 and are on sale at any of those venues and at The Pitch office at 1701 Main. The winners will be announced in ceremonial fashion at the Uptown Theater on August 16. Tickets to that show are $5 each or $20 for VIP.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

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