That Other Irish Band: Kelihans Bring New CD, Irish New Year’s Party to Brick

For those looking around early for NYE parties, here’s one that’s out in public and at a bar and that actually might be quite good. Because debauchery has always ultimately had an Irish soundtrack

As for the house band, it’s kind of mindblowing that the Kelihans — known to many as the Irish rock band in town that’s not the Elders — have put out seven whole albums. I mean, hell, I don’t think I’ve heard a single one of ’em.

The group’s latest, which I will definitely make an effort to hear, is called Hail from Country Rock, and it promises more pub-rocking originals and traditionals for your Poguish soul. The party starts at 9 with fellow local Irishers Connacht Town.

Jason Harper

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