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No Idea Records is a fantastic label based out of Gainesville, Flordia. They’ve released records from Less Than Jake, Small Brown Bike, Against Me!, and Hot Water Music — only a few amongst the many other hundreds of great albums they’ve put out.

However, they’re speaking to punk rock java junkies everywhere with No Idea Coffee. Seriously — we know cool merch here at Wayward Blog, and this is flippin’ badass.

We spoke by e-mail with the label’s Ryan Murphy, who came up with the idea.

How’d you come up with the idea for punk rock coffee?

No Idea started making coffee mugs, and my thought was, “Why aren’t we making a coffee blend too???” So we contacted Sweetwater (right down the street, too), and they came up with an amazing blend for us…and there you go!

What made you choose Sweetwater?

They are a local roastery here in town that does amazing coffee…and has a really amazing grasp on true fair trade practices and are very responsible in having close ties to all the coffee growers they deal with around the world — to the point that they travel every year to visit all their growers and make sure everything is being run fairly, workers are treated well, etc.

Anyway, we got hooked up with them because I also work with an organization called the Harvest of Hope Foundation (which provides emergency relief, social services and educational support to migrant farmworkers and their families, and the foundation has worked closely with Sweetwater over the last 5+ years. Sweetwater roasted several “Harvest of Hope” blends to help raise money for the foundation.

How much coffee do you go through?

We just started selling it, so we’ll see how much we go through. We make a ridiculous amount of coffee every day to drink, though. Seriously.

What’s it taste like?

The roast is a full city roast: “A medium-bodied cup with an assertive butterscotch aroma. A sweet, chocolaty intro that tapers into a tart finish.”

How do you take yours?

We pretty much all rock the black coffee. If you can see through it, it ain’t coffee.

You can get No Idea Coffee direct from the label.

Two coffee-related songs, as chosen by the folks at No Idea, after the jump.

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