Texas A&M is leaving the Big 12 … if you believe its fan site

  • Texas A&M could soon have a new home.

Texas A&M is leaving the Big 12 for the SEC … if you believe the Aggie Yell Rivals fan site. The news came last night, just a day after Texas governor, presidential candidate and former Aggie yell leader Rick Perry stirred the conference realignment pot by saying “conversations are being had.”

Even with Aggie Yell reporting that A&M’s defection was a done deal, others are saying it’s not. The Sporting News reported that rumors of A&M accepting an SEC invite are “just not true” and “way premature.” Texas’ Rivals site, Orangebloods.com, reported that Texas A&M’s regents will meet August 22 to vote on whether the Aggies should jump into the SEC’s bed — and they’re rumored to be leaning on leaving due to unhappiness over the Longhorn Network. (A&M got what it wanted Thursday when the NCAA ruled that high school games cannot appear on school or conference networks, but A&M apparently still isn’t satisfied.)

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