Tegan and Sara


We’ll be completely honest. A big part of the reason we like Tegan and Sara is because they’re twins, they’re hot and they have great hair. It’s not like we’re alone. Their sneering, androgynous, rocking sex vibe draws sold-out crowds from both sides of the gender fence, despite the fact that they play decidedly poppy tunes for indie-centric crowds. Signed to Sanctuary Records in 2000, the duo got its start playing bland, Ani DiFranco-inspired granola tunes, touring with Lilith Fair, Neil Young and Ryan Adams early on. Luckily, the two moved on from that ugly musical phase, and their second album, If It Was You, found them focusing on a new-wave bubble-punk sound that suits them well. There’s little that separates the tracks on their latest, So Jealous, from an Avril Lavigne album or the recent overproduced work from Liz Phair, but what is there is key. With an uncommonly strange and catchy set of harmonized vocals and upbeat, appropriately bratty lyrics, it’s that rare breed of alt-pop that takes a couple of listens but eventually etches itself deep in your cranium.

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