Teen designer from Olathe hosts her first fashion show

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Sophie Abrey with her models on stage // Photo by Annie Wagar

While only 14, Sophie Abrey is on her way to becoming a being a fashion designer one day. Well. Actually, she’s already one.

Sophie’s love of fashion began when she was around seven or eight years old. Her mother, Tracy Abrey, says it was around that age Sophie wanted to learn how to sew. Tracy decided to search for a place for Sophie to learn how to sew and found a quilting shop in Overland Park where Sophie began participating in a group class.

It did not take long before Sophie was wanting to make her own clothes. She also wanted to know how to make a pattern so she could make unique styles instead of only sewing fabric together from a pattern. A friend of Tracy’s knew Jennifer Lapka at Rightfully Sewn and Sophie’s journey began there. Local designer Pamela Lucas of “House of Pamela Renee” has been Sophie’s teacher and mentor for three years after meeting through Rightfully Sewn.

“I always wanted clothes that weren’t in the shops and that we couldn’t find so that’s where I kind of wanted to make my own so then I can make the clothes I had in my head,” Sophie says.

Sophie’s brother has a heart condition and it gave her a lot of anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. She dealt with her fears by creating a playful and colorful collection to combat the darkness of the preceding months. This eight-look collection was showcased at her first fashion show on May 4 at her school Heritage Christian Academy in Olathe.

The resin jewelry showcased in the collection was made by Sophie as well. She discovered resin art on YouTube and asked for resin for Christmas. Tracy is fully on board with her daughter’s dream of being a fashion designer and will continue to do what she can to help her even though it could be considered risky.


Sophie Abrey with the student who played Joseph in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat (right) // Photo courtesy Tracy Abrey

“As a parent, you don’t want them to grow up saying, “Oh I could have been this if only my parents had supported in me”, you know, “If only my parents had believed in me”. 

Although Sophie’s first fashion show was earlier this month, this is not her first rodeo in terms of designing. She had the opportunity to design a coat for the Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat school play after the drama director was looking for someone to help make Joseph’s coat.

“As an adult, I think that’s pretty gutsy to trust a costume to a then 13-year-old,” Tracy says. “But Sophie made a beautiful coat for Joseph for the musical.”

Sophie was so excited about the opportunity to be able to showcase her skills. There is no doubt that Sophie has a bright future ahead and will have many more opportunities like this to come.

“I believe if anyone can be a fashion designer, a professional fashion designer it’s Sophie,” Tracy says. “Honestly, I’d be foolish not to put my bets on Sophie.”

Below is a gallery of Sophie’s designs photographed by Annie Wager:

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