Teacher fired for drawing phallic-like Florida

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If we can’t all agree that Florida looks like a penis, then the divisions in this country are way too deep.

Teacher Ryan Haraughty was fired from from Mission Valley Middle School after drawing a map of the United States with a plump, penis-like Florida and making an off-hand remark about the state’s level of excitement.

Go figure middle school students jumped on the juvenile humor. Haraughty told Fox 4 that he tried to blow it off.

“I drew Florida out of proportion,” said Haraughty. “The kids jump all over stuff like that, ‘Oh Mr. Haraughty, Florida is all wrong. OK, whatever, not thinking, I said, ‘Florida got excited.’ And right after, I’m thinking, you know, but I decided I’m not going to dwell on it.”

The district axed him for the comment, saying he created a sexually hostile environment.

Haraughty’s students aren’t happy.

On Facebook, they have started the “Ryan Haraughty Appreciation Society of America.”

They’ve also started a petition to dump Mission Valley Middle School’s principal, the Shawnee Mission Board of Education, superintendent and cabinet.

With only 56 signatures, I’m guessing that’s not going to happen.

Haraughty says he’ll appeal his firing.

Photo via Gag Swag.

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