Tales of Halloween tricks and treats this weekend

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Horror fans have heard good buzz about the new anthology movie Tales of Halloween. Turns out the buzz is justified: Though it can’t quite surmount what I lovingly call “the anthology curse” (no freakshow crazy quilt comes without a few snags), my tally shows seven out of 10 segments here earn either laughter or a hushed and grateful ewwwwwwww.

An impressive lineup of directors reps in Tales, including Lucky McKee (May) and Neil Marshall (The Descent). But the most impressive segments are Axelle Carolyn’s “Grim Grinning Ghost,” Dave Parker’s “Sweet Tooth” and Adam Gierasch’s “Trick.”  They score high on the seasonal meters that count: blood, guts, deadly children. The loosely interwoven segments add up to a very manageable 92 minutes. A couple of the bits grow a tad tiresome, but the movie as a whole keeps a certain momentum. If you’re looking for an amusing, sometimes gory mood-setter ahead of October 31, Tales of Halloween satisfies.

Tales of Halloween is at Alamo Drafthouse and Screenland Crossroads this weekend.