Swoon Cookie founder takes job with Green Dirt Farm

Sofia Varanka Hudson, the owner and co-founder of Swoon Cookie Crafters, the catering operation she started in 2007, has joined Green Dirt Farm as director of sales and marketing. But she’s keeping a finger in the cookie business.

Hudson is in the process of closing her 12-year-old furniture store in the Crossroads, Hudson Home. She says she was looking for a full-time position that would enable her “to move from selling and marketing one high-end product to another high-end product.” And Green Dirt’s sheep’s-milk cheeses, yogurt and grass-fed lamb certainly count.

Swoon Cookies, which she created with former business partner Lauren Wendlandt, will continue to operate. (Hudson bought Wendlandt’s share of the business in 2013.) “It’s always been my part-time business,” Hudson adds. “It almost runs independently of me, thanks to my great staff.”

Hudson says one of her entrepreneurial mentors, Dodie Jacobi, suggested the position at Green Dirt Farm to her when she discovered that Hudson was job-hunting. “I told her how much I admired Green Dirt Farm’s Sarah Hoffman and Jacqueline Smith and loved their products,” she says. 

Hudson’s background in both national sales and food products cinched the deal for her. “Some people think moving from furniture to Green Dirt Farm seems strange, but it’s just exchanging one set of challenges for another,” she says. “I’ll be responsible for helping to expand Green Dirt Farm into national markets and overseeing local sales.”

Hudson won the hearts of her co-workers by arriving to her first Green Dirt Farm staff meeting with a tray of Swoon cookies decorated like sheep. It’s not a delicacy that her new bosses are going to add to the current Green Dirt Farm product line, but who knows? It at least seems like an idea with legs.

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