For those of you who don’t know we have a tennis team — and we’re betting that’s quite a few — well, we do. They’re the Explorers, and they kick ass. It’s possible that some of you might’ve been more interested if the players wore fishnets and tight spandex and had tattoos. In a way, we don’t blame you. But just because the tennis players dress a little square doesn’t mean you have to sit quietly watching the little yellow ball go back and forth. The Explorers throw in a lot of loud music in between points and — unlike the Wimbledon crowd — encourage you to cheer. If you come out to Barney Allis Plaza (12th Street and Wyandotte) with eight friends, each of you can paint a letter on your chest — you can be the first E. This evening, as the Explorers take on the New York Buzz at 7:35 p.m., it’s ladies’ night. The first 500 women in the gate get a free rose and a gift card to a jewelry store. On Saturday, it’s the Explorers vs. the Boston Lobsters at 7:35 p.m. And on Sunday (which also happens to be Family Fun Night, so expect to hear lots of Disney songs), the Explorers meet the Springfield Lasers. Rackets start swinging at 6:35 p.m. Ticket prices vary by match. See kcexplorers.com for more information.

Sat., July 11, 7:35 p.m., 2009