Sweet shit, here’s some awesomeness: Magical for the Ugly at the Tivoli

Set your faces for delighted bafflement!

At the Tivoli Cinemas tonight, video remix hero Pat Vamos is screening Magical for the Ugly, a collection of found and bizarre footage that thrusts all the beauty and madness of the last decades of pop culture straight at your eyeholes for 70 minutes. Since there’s a killer trailer available, I see little point in attempting to describe the art of Vamos or his comrades in eyeball thrusting, some of whose work will also turn up tonight. Instead, click below, and gape.

You can see much more of Vamos’ work here. The screening costs $3 and starts at 8 p.m. at the Tivoli in Westport’s Manor Square. For another $7, you can pick up a DVD of Vamos’ remix videos, which should be just the thing to alienate family members this holiday.

Also, if this is all too much for you, the Tivoli’s showing the great Some Like It Hot on the 19th and 20th for just four damn dollars as part of its Movie and a Meal combo.

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