Super-tough outlaws in the Missouri Senate pass idiotic gun bill that will never hold up in court

  • Brian Nieves again leads the charge of imbeciles.

High-fives, hissy fits over recording public hearings, evolution nonsense, impeaching the governor for extending rights to same-sex couples: The clown show that is the Missouri state legislative season has been especially festive in 2014.

Things got even dumber today, when the Missouri Senate voted 23-10 in favor of SB 613, a piece of legislation that would nullify all federal gun laws in Missouri. Among other things, it would allow Missouri to jail federal agents who attempt to enforce federal gun laws in the state. It now moves to the House for votes.

You might remember this bill from last year, when it passed the House and Senate, at which point Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed it because it is so obviously unconstitutional. (Kansas has also tried passing a similar bill, which got this response from U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder: “Kansas may not prevent federal employees and officials from carrying out their official responsibilities. And a state certainly may not criminalize the exercise of federal responsibilities.”) The Missouri Senate attempted to override Nixon’s veto last year, but failed when two Republicans opposed it due to some specific provisions. This year, those provisions have been removed, which makes a veto override more likely.

Were that to happen, the law would be challenged in court, and inevitably tossed out, as it has been in every other state that has attempted to pass something like it. That will, of course, cost a good chunk of taxpayer dough. But that is less important to the Republicans who supported it (Bob Dixon is the only Republican who didn’t vote in favor of SB 613) than their comically transparent, dime-store political theater act about standing up to the federal government.

By the way, even the guy at the Cato Institute thinks this is pointless.

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