Sunday Bloody Sunday

Like its metal-hardcore predecessors, Zao combines brick-shit-heavy breakdowns, scalpel-sharp riffs and wounded-griffin wails. Its most recent release pairs an ominous title (The Funeral of God) with austere, religious-themed album art (a stern statue clutching a cracked cross), a design combination that has worked well for satanic shredders. However, all misleading signs aside, Zao loves the Lord something fierce. And with today’s holy headbangers injecting gruesome, Gibson-style violence into their lyrics, it’s difficult to discern inverted-cross-brandishers from the divinely inspired right-side-up brigade. Try to separate the Strypers from the Slayers in this sacridelicious lyrics quiz.

1. Trembling prophet/Anointed wrath of God incarnate/Cutting and tearing dissection/Strangled and hanging before me/weeping and screaming become you.

2. I taste blood in the air/Dissected from heaven/Cut and stripped of her skin.

3. Impaled crucifixion/Compassion forgot /Eternal damnation/Once upon a cross.

4. I’ll take your soul, and you’ll be like me/In Emptiness, free/Just bow to me faithfully/ Bow to me splendidly.

5. Thrusting needles in eyes/While your empty sockets swarm with maggots inside.

6. Breathing murder upon the early church/ Destruction the new faith to hurt/Fueled by zeal, a twisted perception/Creating disorder a morbid obsession.

7. Silent scream/Bury the unwanted child/Beaten and torn/Sacrifice the unborn.

8. He’ll smear the offal from your feasts on your face/Your sacred places will be filled with human waste/Your desolation, so cruel and complete/ The flesh of your children you’ll hoard and eat.

9.) Paralyzing brilliant light/Trying to run/Want to scream but cannot speak/I cannot look at God’s face.

10. Crushed skull/Dismembered head/Snapped spine/Severed torso/Shattered ribs/Punctured throat/Squashed spleen/ Stabbed eyeballs/Ripped-out intestines.

11. Jesus came once to save you/Turn away and he’s gonna slay you/Your life is in danger — holy danger!

12. You go to church/You kiss the cross/You will be saved at any cost/Jesus saves/No need to pray/The gates of pearl have turned to gold.

Key: The God Squad: 1, 2 (Zao); 5, 6 (Living Sacrifice); 8 (Frost Like Ashes); 10 (Vomitorial Corpulence); and 11 (Tourniquet). Throwing Devil Horns: 3 (Deicide); 4 (Morbid Angel); and 7, 9 and 12 (Slayer).

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