Summer heat is taking a terrible toll on dogs. Here’s how to protect your fluffy friend

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Local pup enjoying the cool shade. Everyone say hello to Winnie. Hello good pup! // Photo by Celia Searles

In the past week, four dogs in Kansas City have died at the hands of the hot summer weather, and the Great Plains SPCA and KCK Animal Services are spreading awareness of how to prevent more heat-related canine deaths. One dog died after being left out on a hot patio, one suffered from a body temperature of 111, and two suffered painful deaths after being in a locked car.

GPSPCA and KCKAS are doing everything in their power to educate local pet owners of the dangers the hot summer months bring to pets. Encouraging pet owners to provide water, shade, and plenty of time inside for their canine friends is crucial for making sure they remain healthy during the hot and humid summer months. In addition to protecting your own dog, if you notice an area pup that is being neglected, you can reach out to local animal control and resources.

“The hot humid weather that we are experiencing now is extremely dangerous. A dog cannot open a car door themselves. A dog cannot open the gate to let themselves off the porch. We must be their advocates. This is a serious and critical situation,” Tam Singer, GPSPCA Chief Executive Officer said.

GPSPCA also notes that the death dogs experience from heat stroke or exhaustion is slow and painful and causes immense suffering.  Neglecting the signs of heatstroke and exhaustion in your pet is not only cruel, it can be deadly.

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Safety graphic // Courtesy of GPSPCA

Beat The Heat Guide

Beat the heat guide // Courtesy of GPSPCA

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Heat stroke guide // Courtesy of GPSPCA

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