Suburban Home Wants to Give You A Free Record (No, Seriously)

Not only is the Suburban Home Records tour hitting the Bottleneck tonight — with Austin Lucas, Two Cow Garage, Mike Hale, and the Takers — the label would also like to give you a free record.

With Suburban Home’s 14th Anniversary, we have made the decision that we would like to give everyone in the world one free album. We are a bit biased, but we think that Suburban Home is one of greatest record labels in the world while also being one of the smallest, least known record labels around. We hope that our offer to give you a free album will entice you to pick a release from one of our artists and hope that it will encourage you to tell others to grab an album, too.

Go to the signup page, and fill out the form. The offer runs from now until the end of the month. If you like something enough, the label hopes that you’ll be willing to pay for it on CD or LP.

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